Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shoe Review: Unique Styles from Ms. Mary Mac, the Kyro Wedge, Ms Mary Mac Review

Ms Mary Mac is an independent shoe company with shockingly unique styles. Their motto is "You're not a simple girl, so why wear simple shoes?" AMEN! I think shoes can make or break an outfit so a great pair of eye-catchers, like the ones you can find at are a perfect item to have available in your closet.

I received the Kyro Wedge from

Ms Mary Mac shoes are extremely stylish. They're not plain - They're colorful, they have lovely prints and they have great accents like bows and buckles! They're perfect for adding spice to outfits, you can take a pair of Ms Mary Mac shoes and mix them up with a simple black dress to create a great look that's fashionable but not over the top.
These particular wedges are an orange and green explosion - a bit of an odd combination but I think they look great together on this shoe! They have a green base with little orange triangles, a few glittery stripes and a medium green ribbon bow adorned heel.

I really like the shape of these shoes. The toe box is roomy, the sides have a nice rise so that the shoes aren't falling off as your walking around and the wedge provides great balance. I did find the material on the heel a tad bit scratchy but that's an easy fix.

These seemed small to me but this almost always happens with independent companies like Ms Mary Mac! If you can, I would recommend sizing up. I wear a size 10 in most heels and wedges but these were definitely a tight squeeze. It's possible to break them in and stretch them out a little bit of course but it's easier to just go ahead and size up!

I find these to be of great quality. The print and color is nice and even. There are no nicks in the shoes - I hate getting shoes and realizing they're nicked before I've even used them! A few of the fabric/ribbon details have tiny loose threads but again, an easy fix!

To purchase a pair of heels or wedges from Ms Mary Mac, visit the:
Ms. Mary Mac Website:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Help Ms.MaryMac Shoes Earn the $250,000 Small Business Grant!

Ms.MaryMac is in the running for one of Living Social's Mission:Small Business $250,000 grants. To be considered, they need 250 votes by June 30 - Show your support by voting for Ms.MaryMac! Here's how:

I've voted, have you?! It only took a few minutes, what are you waiting for?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shoe Review: Anna Sui RNR Oxford Wedges, Hush Puppies Review

Hush Puppies is a shoe company that was started in 1958! They've been around for more than 50 years providing American families with casual styles perfect for leisure time and laid-back affairs. 
They have recently paired up with world-renowned fashion designer Anna Sui to create a Spring/Summer 2012 collection that mixes authentic American styles with high-fashion, rock and roll flair.
I recently received this gorgeous pair of Hush Puppies Anna Sui RNR Oxford Wedges which have been seen in Natural Health.

I'm starting off with style because these shoes are loaded with it. They're oxfords, they're wedges and they have little pops of rock and roll. I have never been able to get into real oxfords, they're way too dressy and serious for me but these, these are my style. Anna Sui has taken the classic style and updated it - It's hip, it's new and it's very versatile.

With the black and white striping on the wedge and the lovely ribbon shoelaces, you can take it casual with a pair of distressed shorts and a tank or dress it up with a midi length dress. The white fabric is even a bit glittery! I'm seriously in love with these, I don't know any other shoe that hits this high-fashion, rock and roll and yet classic combination within a price range of $150 or less!

I almost decided on another pair besides these because I thought they wouldn't be wide enough. I took them out of the box and was thought "Oh no, I was right. These will never fit!". Of course I tried them on anyways and to my surprise,  my foot slipped in with little to no effort. I've realized that though they look small at first, they seem to fit wide feet extremely well and not only that but they're very comfortable!

So, I think the sizing is like SPOT ON. These fit me perfectly and again, the width was not a problem at all so if you have wide feet, you may still be able to fit these comfortably.

Every bit of these shoes is made well. The fabric and hardware is thick and I don't see these getting torn up or worn out anytime soon. Every stitch and detail is in place with great shape. Overall, these are very high quality.

To purchase these Anna Sui Oxford Wedges, visit the:
Hush Puppies Website:

Shoe Giveaway: Men's Shoes from Chipkos

You all know who Chipkos is! Well this time, they're giving away a pair of MEN'S Chipkos! Come on guys and ladies, surprise your man/dad/brother/bff with a new pair of Chipkos!

Help Chipkos Reach their Goal!

Chipkos is making it easy to be charitable WHILE you shop! 
Chipkos is always working to do something that makes a difference. I don't think I've ever known a company who puts so much effort into helping the environment and all those around them! Whether it's planting a tree for every Tree of Life Pendant they sell or they're new idea, creating an app where you can donate to charity while you shop, it seems that everything they do, they make sure it's helping others in the process!

To get things rolling, Chipkos needs your help! They've already raised $4,000 dollars towards their project, they're 1/3 of the way to their goal! There's only 8 more days to help them get to their goal of $12,000!
You can donate by purchasing a bumper sticker, a tree of life pendant and even a CUSTOMIZED pair of Chipkos sandals.
If you'd like to contribute, please visit: